Safety Health Environmental Quality (SHEQ)

Health and safety is a fundamental part of the project delivery process, from eliminating risks and hazards at design stages, to producing processes to manage health and safety on site to the highest standards.

Our team can provide industry leading strategies efficiently and effectively. Below are just a handful of attributes and activities we cover:

  • Multidisciplinary H&S coordination both at pre-construction and construction phases
  • Risk management
  • Establishing health and safety control measures and strategies to effectively balance project requirements and health and safety requirements
  • Writing, reviewing, approving method statements and risk assessments or discipline specific health and safety documentation
  • Tackling complacency with regular briefings and lessons learnt
  • Mentoring staff and operatives on key H&S fundamentals
  • Eliminating hazards and reducing risks by introducing different methods of construction or changing the working environment
  • Structuring a team to regularly monitor H&S

We can also provide personnel with IOSH and NEBOSH accreditation for more bespoke requirements.

With the current climate situation the world is experiencing, environmental impact and awareness is dominating how the industry operates throughout the construction and post construction phases. We are able to manage and advise on sustainable strategies through design, construction and post construction. We work with specialist advisors on renewables, sustainable materials, sustainable processes and net zero or gain biodiversity which in a lot of cases is now a key deciding factor on whether projects go ahead not to mention the stringent control measures that are in place throughout the project lifecycle.

Quality management and assurance has been a contentious element of the project lifecycle which often can be neglected or unappreciated often causing challenges and undue costs towards the end of a scheme. With 18 years of experience Adison IPD have been successful in the development, coordination and delivery of quality management systems in-line with ISO, Breeam, industry standards, platforms and handover strategies. Adison IPD can also provide a dedicated surveillance and audit team to maintain a high standard of progressive assurance throughout the project lifecyle. Our experience derives from stringent nuclear and rail processes which has set us up in a leading position to advise and deliver the all important attributes associated to quality management and handover in-line with CDM and ISO standards.

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Safety Health Environmental Quality (SHEQ)