Welsh Water

Morgan Sindall
Package values from £1 million – £20 million

We were contracted on a number of schemes comprising mainly of deep drainage for foul systems in residential areas. One of the schemes was managing the delivery of the wentwood reservoir (£6million) pumping station refurbishment which comprised of draining a reservoir and constructing a 3m deep crane platform for a crane to facilitate the lifts inside the 50m high tower. A large siltbuster system was used linked to a turbidimeter and numerous alarms to infiltrate the flows into the reservoir and bypass to discharge into a series of drainage ditches.

Another scheme was a section of the rainscape tunneling scheme (£2.7million) in llanelli which involved managing the construction of 3 out of 8 tunneling drive and reception shafts which removed surface/storm water from the sewer systems thus increasing the capacity of the sewer systems. We were responsible for the supply of engineering support to install of over 10km of drainage in numerous locations which tied into the new tunnel.