Old Oak Common

Package value £142 million

This project comprised the construction of a £142million rail maintenance depot to facilitate the new bombardier crossrail trains. Members of our team were in provision of the engineering and delivery elements of the “swimming pool” areas, which was a slightly lower level area of the depot of which the trains would enter through the entrance at level ground then transition onto podiums which were drilled into the concrete foundation. This would allow operatives to step down into the pit and work underneath the trains.

Our team was also in provision of the engineering for a turntable and an area which was segregated and utilized waterproof concrete for an area which was specifically to wash down the trains. There was a large M&E interface with the civil works which required detailed sequencing as the concrete pits of which the operatives will work, was designed to be heated in the winter and cooled during the summer through a large network of pipes which extended from a central manifold. This manifold was directly linked to geothermal piling elements which would use the earths geothermal energy to heat or cool the concrete.