Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Station

KierBam & EDF(NNB)
Combined package value £200 million

Hinkley Point C nuclear power station is the first nuclear new build in 30 years. Members of our delivery team were in provision of developing the design and delivering the construction for a £12million water treatment plant. This plant was squeezed into the front corner of the footprint of the station and was challenging due to the compact nature of the treatment plant and the level variations of the elements involved as well as other interfacing works.

The plant comprised of large GRP tanks (13t) with rotating elements within, as well as a 7m deep pumping station. There was a vast array of ducting for telemetry & power, pumped and gravity mains and a potable water supply; all with minimal tolerances in an almost lattice orientation which made access and sequencing fundamental to the successful delivery of the scheme. provision of the construction of 2no. water management zones (approximately 12000m3) which included deep excavations, the installation of headwalls, legato blocks to stem flows of water and deep drainage in and out of the zones.

Following on from this, we picked up works for the client EDF (NNB) providing professional assistance in the delivery of the galleries (£200 million) which are in-situ culverts that are the arteries of the plant. This included contract management, design coordination and engineering support to the sub-contractor who was Bylor (Bouygues/Laing O’Rourke). These works were within a nuclear licensed site with a high security, health & safety and demand for quality